One Voice. One Mission.

The American Workforce Coalition’s mission is to build a national movement supporting America’s workers who are age 50 and older. it convenes and educates employers, practitioners, and policy influencers about contribution of older Americans to our workforce.

Most importantly, AWC provides hope and opportunity for ALL Americans who seek to engage in our nations most sacred and noble practice—Work.



AWC convenes corporate executives, philanthropic leaders, workforce experts, and innovators to build strategies and scalable solutions that break down systemic obstacles and inequities in our workforce.


As a coalition, AWC amplifies our individual efforts to educate the American public on the merits of older workers, the challenges they face as they adapt to the changing nature of work, and our movement to ensure equitable inclusion of all workers, particularly BIPOC workers.


The American Workforce Coalition consolidates our members’ research to analyze the impact of public programs and policy initiatives on older workers. AWC focuses on workers who have been overlooked by traditional workforce programs. Julia Pollak, Chief Economist at Zip Recruiter, serves as the research consultant to AWC.

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President & CEO, Center for Workforce Inclusion

Fiscal Sponsor of AWC

The American Workforce Coalition was launched in 2021 as a standalone DC nonprofit and is currently working toward tax-exempt status. Until the American Workforce Coalition receives its tax exempt status, the Center for Workforce Inclusion will act as its  fiscal sponsor.