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Watch the fascinating and important discussions from the 2023 Equity Summit, including Gary A. Officer's interview with Governor Wes Moore of Maryland, a sit-down with U.S. Congressman Steven Horsford (D-NV-04), Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, and panel discussions on ageism, training for older workers, AI, and other critical topics.
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Older workers & A.I. – The Pulse WHYY

August 14, 2023

‘Am I gonna become obsolete?’ How older workers are being left behind by A.I. – PBS The Pulse

“More than a million U.S. workers over 60 years old lost their jobs during the pandemic. Most furloughed workers went back to work, but older adults are getting left behind.”

Read and listen as our President and CEO Gary A. Officer sits down PBS’s The Pulse to discuss the dangers AI poses for older worker.

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