Addressing a Great Need

An Economic Imperative

Our nation’s economy is dependent on how we train, engage, and retain older workers as employees. Unfortunately, there are few programs preparing older Americans for the jobs of the future and an experienced, talented pool of workers often remains on the sidelines.

The Center for Workforce Inclusion bridges the gap by training older Americans in the skills of the modern workplace. We engage with employers and local partners to unleash the potential of older workers, especially the underserved groups of low-income women, our nation’s proud veterans, and workers who were formerly incarcerated.

of all workers will be 50+ by 2028
Building Strong Connections

Our Partnerships

Federal Partners

The Center for Workforce Inclusion (Center) partners with Federal agencies on staffing solutions. We provide skilled and experienced older workers to increase capacity without adding an administrative burden.

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Employer Partners

The Center partners with employers to connect them with our national network of workforce development specialists, reach specific communities, build programming, and create custom partnerships aligned with their organization’s goals.

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Local Workforce Development Partners

The Center partners with community-based organizations to expand their ability to deliver workforce development solutions, support economic development efforts, and increase social impact across the country.

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Supporters and Sponsors

Join with the Center and support our goal of a vibrant, diverse, and productive American workforce where every American has the opportunity to thrive in the ever-changing world of work.

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The aging population represents the most profound change that is guaranteed to come to high-income countries everywhere and most low- and middle-income ones as well.

Joseph Coughlin, Founder of the MIT Age Lab
Reinventing Workforce Development

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