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Our nation’s labor force is increasingly dependent on older workers. By 2028 workers aged 55 or older will represent more than 25% of our labor force. But only 4% of firms have committed to programs that help integrate older workers into their talent pool. Recruiting and training older workers is critical to the success of employers, job seekers, and communities.

Partner with the Center for Workforce Inclusion and suppor the older workers of our nation.

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Advance the inclusion of older workers in economic and workforce development strategies

Visibility in our Nation’s capital to reinforce your organization as a thought leader on the future of work

Strategic content distribution across key workforce influencers domestically and internationally

Visibility across major media markets reaching more than six million low-income workers across the US

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Supporting the Center for Workforce Inclusion sends a clear message that your organization values our older workforce and believes in a pathway to economic opportunity for our traditionally underserved communities.

Gary A. Officer
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