Governor Wes Moore’s Fireside Chat at Equity Summit 2023: A Must-Watch Discussion for Equity Advocates

October 31, 2023
In an era marked by ongoing struggles for social and economic justice, there are rare moments that demand our attention. Maryland Governor Wes Moore’s fireside chat with Gary A. Officer at the Equity Summit 2023 is one of those moments. This compelling discussion, featuring two inspirational leaders, is a must-watch event, as it navigates critical issues with a focus on actionable solutions.





Governor Wes Moore and Gary A. Officer’s timely conversation addresses pressing challenges like economic disparities and racial injustice.

“The fact that in Maryland we have an 8:1 racial wealth gap isn’t because one group worked eight times harder. You can’t understand the history of the wealth gap unless you understand the history of redlining, which was birthed in Baltimore.” – Governor Wes Moore

Their discussion is an inclusive and diverse call to action, offering tangible insights drawn from their experiences. Maryland’s 63rd Governor shared about his improbable journey in politics, and what drove him to pursue a career that drives change. “Leave no one behind wasn’t just a campaign slogan, we’ve been very intentional about making is a governing philosophy.”

They delved into pressing issues and the persistent challenges of fostering inclusion within an aging workforce.

“As a society, we should make sure that we are providing pathways for people to continue to add value.” –  Governor Wes Moore

Don’t miss this transformative dialogue; watch the recording below: