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Ruth Finkelstein

Ruth Finkelstein, ScD, is the Rose Dobrof Executive Director of the Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging at Hunter College as well as a professor at Hunter College’s School of Urban Public Health. She works to transform society’s understanding of aging from that of a state of decline to a life course stage full of challenges and opportunities.

David L. Kim

David L. Kim is the President and CEO of The National Asian Pacific Center on Aging, the nation's only nonprofit dedicated to promoting the dignity and well-being of Asian Americans.

Dr. Alex Camardelle

Dr. Alex Camardelle is the director of the Workforce Policy Program at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, where he leads a program that centers Black workers in policy debates concerning the future of work, workforce development, and access to good jobs.

Stephanie A. Martz

Stephanie Martz is the chief administrative officer and general counsel of the National Retail Federation, where her responsibilities include managing the organization’s in-house counsel department as well as NRF’s policy positions on a variety of issues such as payments and intellectual property. Martz came to NRF in 2017 from Monument Policy Group, a boutique Washington, D.C., lobbying firm where she represented a wide variety of technology clients in Silicon Valley and Seattle on issues ranging from data privacy and national security to competition. She also served as a special assistant to the President and senior counsel in the Office of White House Counsel during the Obama Administration. In the White House, Martz was the senior lawyer in charge of ethics and compliance.

Mike Sievert

Mike Sievert is president and chief executive officer of T-Mobile and is a member of T-Mobile’s Board of Directors. Mike leads a customer-crazed team of disruptors and innovators, working tirelessly over the last eight years to change the rules of wireless, resulting in T-Mobile becoming the fastest-growing company in the industry. He most recently served as president and chief operating officer of T-Mobile.