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Ann Manby

The Center for Workforce Inclusion (Center) is pleased to announce that Ann Manby will be joining the organization in July as Chief Workforce Development Officer. With two decades of experience in nonprofit finance and workforce development, Manby brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Center's efforts to empower older job seekers with in-demand skills and pathways to meaningful employment.

Diana McFail Joins CWI

The Center for Workforce Inclusion (Center) is pleased to announce the appointment of Diana McFail as its new Chief of Staff. With her experience driving social impact and her deep commitment to creating positive change in the lives of older adults, Diana brings a wealth of leadership and strategic expertise to the Center.

Jul 5, 2023
Press Release

Ann Manby to join Center for Workforce Inclusion

Ann Manby to join Center for Workforce Inclusion as
Chief Workforce Development Officer

Jul 5, 2023

Reverend Dr. Alesia M. Johnson

Reverend Dr. Alesia M. Johnson is the Co-Pastoral Director at Richmond Hill, an urban ecumenical Christian retreat facility in Richmond, VA and founder of Alesia Johnson Ministries. She joined Center for Workforce Inclusion Board of Directors in 2023.


Empowering Women of All Ages: A Holistic Approach to Supporting Older Female Workers 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that twice as many women over 55 will be in the labor force as women ages 16-24. That means supporting women throughout their careers is not only a matter of equality but also a strategic imperative for businesses. In particular, empowering older women in the workforce is crucial as they face unique challenges and often experience barriers to career advancement. This article explores the importance of supporting older women and offers practical insights for employers to create an empowering ecosystem.

Jun 23, 2023